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Using Instagram for your club or organisation

Instagram can be a powerful platform for your club / organisation. But if you aren’t familiar with the platform, it can feel like an impossible task to master.

Instagram can’t be ignored

Having over 1 billion monthly users and 500 million active users every day, Instagram is a social media platform that can’t be ignored. Nailing your Instagram can be not only lucrative but also rewarding as you are able to connect with your audience better than ever.

We recently hosted a free webinar with Emma Donnelly from Ask Emma Social. Over the years, Emma has helped many businesses improve their Instagram marketing strategies.

Our webinar covers everything you need to know about how to revamp your Instagram account and build a presence on the platform. Including the following:

  • How to identify your ideal customer or member
  • Ways to boost and optimise your bio for search 
  • How to use stories, highlights and guides to improve engagement 
  • How to prepare your profile for success 
  • Ways to engage with your existing audience and new potential customer or member
  • Tips for how to drive traffic to your profile and the magic hashtag number

A big thank you to Emma for taking the time to pass on some of her industry knowledge and insight. Also thank you to those who joined and asked such interesting questions.

Missed our webinar? Don’t worry, watch our FREE Instagram masterclass webinar below. You can also download the printable presentation here

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