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Are you looking to add some fun to the beginning of your lessons?

Here’s 5 ice breakers to help students to get to know each other better.

Whether you’re teaching a class that has been working together for a while or everyone is completely new, ice breakers can be a great way to get everyone loosened up and focussed.

They can also help shyer students come out of their shell during the initial awkward stages – by helping them get to know each other better.

Keep reading for 5 simple ice breaking activities.

Activity one – Pass the ball

You’ll need a ball for this one. Ask the children to pass the ball between each other while saying their names and a funny fact about them.

Activity two – Group storytelling

Ask the children to sit in a circle. They then need to take turns adding to a story, a sentence or even word at a time. This activity builds creativity and collaboration.

Activity three – Mindfulness

It’s never too early to start learning mindfulness exercises. You can try a few different things like deep breathing exercises or even guided meditation. By doing these types of exercises, you’ll be teaching children techniques to reduce stress and anxiety.

Activity four – Monkey see, monkey do

Ask the children to form a line or a circle. You ask the children to ask one student “What are you doing?” each student will get a turn answering and whatever they answer, the rest of the class will do, for example “I am stomping like an elephant.”

Activity five – Whisper train

Ask the children to sit behind one another in a row (like carriages of a train). Starting from the back, create a phrase that will be whispered from the child at the back, to the child at the front. Then the child at the front should say it aloud. This activity can be fun because everyone is joining in equally.

We hope you got some inspiration from this article, and if you do end up trying out any, that your students enjoy them.

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