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A new survey reveals the 5 things activity providers need to know

A survey of UK parents, undertaken by LoveAdmin and the Institute of Children’s Activity Providers (ICAP), has highlighted that there are 5 key areas that activity providers must perform in, if they are to create experiences that bring families back again and again.

LoveAdmin and ICAP have released the report to launch their new partnership, which focuses on their combined drive to support activity providers as they grow. When looking at the families that made up the research, LoveAdmin Marketing Director, Abi Jacks commented…

“It’s good to see the breadth and diversity of types of activity providers represented in the UK today, and that households are able to spend on average upwards of £27 per week on their children attending these sessions. We know how important activities are for social, mental and physical development – and the research supports a strong appetite for that to happen.”

Swimming (56%), gymnastics (44%) and football (43%) are the most popular activities, however over 20 different activities were included in research responses.

Whilst the average spent per week on activities was £27.46, 37% of families spend more than £30 per week.

The five main themes that parents highlighted as important when booking and renewing activities included;

  • The experience of their children
  • Quality of instructors
  • Wanting to be kept in the know
  • Payments and value
  • Their online experience

The ‘What parents want’ report, which is now available to download, gives details of the factors that feed into those themes, with actions to help address them and expert opinion from well-known faces in the children’s activity sector.

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If you’re an activity provider and would like to know more about what your parents want, this is the perfect report for you!

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