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Did you know that National Children’s Activity Week is starting on 13th May 2024? Which means you have one month left to plan how you’re going to take part.

By getting involved on the 13th you’ll be helping to raise funds for Cauldwell Children, a charity that works hard to make life fair for disabled and autistic children. Plus raise awareness for your business and have a bit of fun with your students along the way.

Keep reading to discover 5 easy and fun activity ideas . . .

1. Arrange a fancy dress day

Children love any excuse to dress up. That’s because it’s a chance to jump into their imagination and pretend to be a character from your favourite film, tv show or book. So, why not host a fun fancy dress day for Children’s Activity Week?

Ask your students to bring in a couple of pounds (or less) to dress up and join in on the fun. You could even choose a prompt that aligns with the Children’s Activity Week theme, which is ‘Watch me fly’ and create lesson plans around this also.

2. Organise a movie ‘night’

Ask students to watch a film while sitting in a comfy cinema zone (created by you) and eat tasty snacks. You can even choose three film options and ask students to vote by donating for the one they want to watch.

Plus, use it as a nice relationship-building exercise – your students will love the chance to hang out with their fellow classmates in a more relaxed way and it helps to create a nice fun environment!

3. Scavenger hunt

Everyone loves a treasure hunt. Set up a scavenger hunt that has simple clues to engage your students. You can include a couple of prizes such as branded merch at the end for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

To add even more fun you could add silly activities to each checkpoint like dancing on the spot, doing 10 jumping jacks or pretending to be an animal for 30 seconds.

4. Talent contest

Children love to perform so why not organise a talent contest that costs a small fee / small donation to enter?

Remember, it doesn’t just have to be a performance. Your students can showcase any of their talents whether that’s dancing or singing or even talking about something they’re passionate about. It can be a great way to allow students to boost their confidence, plus the winner can receive a token prize.

5. Mini dance / drama / performance show

How about organising a mini-production to show parents what you’re up to at the moment? We recommend creating a production around the ‘watch me fly’ theme. You can then charge parents to watch the performance or ask them to make a small donation to the cause.

Plus, it can be a great way to showcase the value of your sessions to parents. They can see firsthand how much their child is enjoying your classes.

All of these activities can be managed through the LoveAdmin system using registration lists, payments and comms. Curious about our software? Get a free demo here.

We can’t wait to see what fundraising activities you decide to do! Tag us on social and use the hashtag #WatchMeFly, so we can see what you get up to.

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