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Shifting your dance business mindset

Shifting your mindset from a teacher to a dance business owner is a pivotal moment in your school’s journey.

As your school grows, it’s important to grow with it. Taking a step back, delegating, and knowing what you need to bring to the table are all part of a dance business owner’s learning curve.

We recently hosted a webinar with Louise McHendrie, The Dance Business Coach. Louise is also the owner of Dance Inc Studios with three locations around Busby, Scotland.

With over 10 years’ experience, Louise has learned a lot about running a successful dance school. These experiences to the launch of her coaching business, and Louise now mentors other dance school owners through their business journey.

Whether it’s building confidence, empowerment, decision-making, or much more, Louise’s advice has helped many dance studios take the next steps and grow.

Our webinar covers all you need to know about how to step into your role as a dance business owner.

Including the following topics:

    • How to identify which stage of the journey you are at
    • Empowering you to give yourself the title you deserve
    • Shifting your mindset and thinking like a business owner
    • Tips on how to best manage challenging behaviour
    • Identifying when is the right time to start stepping back from teaching
    • How to own your role as a dance business owner
    • Habit stacking and how to easily practice this
    • Advice on delegating responsibilities within your school
    • How to avoid burnout as a business owner
    • Tips on how to reinforce your worth within your business

We would like to thank Louise for giving such an insightful and engaging webinar to our community. Thank you also to those who joined us and asked such interesting questions.

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Louise spoke in the webinar about the importance of automating your processes, so you can focus on what really matters.

Find out how LoveAdmin’s dance school software can help you step into your role as a dance business owner.

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