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Caught in a never-ending cycle of collecting payments?

Many clubs still collect their fees using cash payments and cheques. Whether you collect these weekly, monthly, or yearly, doing this not only wastes time but also restricts cash flow. Members pay late, finances are unpredictable, and rather than focusing your efforts on the things that matter, you’re caught up in a never-ending cycle of requesting, collecting, chasing, and reconciling payments.

If that’s how your club manages its fees, it’s definitely worth considering an upgrade. Take LoveAdmin for example. It modernizes and simplifies how you manage your members and their payments.

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Collect contactless payments

For obvious reasons, people are now more skeptical than before about handling money because of the hygiene risk so it makes sense to use a contactless payment method going forward. LoveAdmin takes care of that as it enables members to pay their fees using a card or direct debit.

Members expect up-to-date payment methods

Thanks to bank cards and tap-and-pay, many people don’t carry cash around nowadays. Everything is online and almost anything can be paid for within a few, simple clicks. It’s the norm. And LoveAdmin helps you to fit that norm.

Members love the convenience and ease of making payments

Continuing from our previous point, members can simply log in to their LoveAdmin account from their mobile phone and make payments at any time of the day. Alternatively, they can set up automated payments too, which is great for weekly, monthly or termly fees.

Security is guaranteed

Keeping large sums of cash on site isn’t secure as it can easily be lost or stolen. However, you don’t have to worry about that with LoveAdmin. Payments go from member bank accounts straight to your bank account.

Members can rest easy knowing their details are safe and that transactions are securely processed by industry-leading payment providers, PayPal (card) and London&Zurich (direct debit).

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It’s easy to request payments

Instead of sending out paper letters or individual emails to members, you can add them to a group in LoveAdmin and use the group email tool to easily email them all at once. You can even see who’s opened and clicked on emails.

You get paid quicker

It’s a no-brainer. The money hits your bank account quicker. There are no more bank trips needed to deposit cash payments or waiting for cheques to clear.

You have a steady, recurring cash flow

With money coming in on time, it’s easy to predict what your cash flow will look like and set targets. You can pay your staff and any other expenses without worries that there’s not enough money.

Payments are automatically reconciled

As soon as payments come in, the LoveAdmin membership management software automatically reconciles them for you. You can instantly see who’s paid and who hasn’t through real-time reports. Imagine no longer spending your evenings counting cash and manually marking payments off a spreadsheet.

There’s no more paperwork and spreadsheets

As all information is captured digitally, there’s no need to keep paper-based records of payment or anything else to do with your members for that matter. LoveAdmin helps to keep your club/organization GDPR compliant.

You retain members

When the time comes for renewals, it’s easy to send out renewals emails and members can simply log in to their account and pay their fees. Since it’s a simple process to renew their membership, they’re much more likely to stay with you.

Members benefit from affordable installments

If you’ve got yearly or termly fees, some members can’t afford to pay this upfront. LoveAdmin gives you the choice to break payments into installments so they’re more affordable, making those members more likely to stay.

Want to stop taking cash payments at your club? If you think your club could benefit from upgrading to LoveAdmin, get your FREE no-obligation demo today or view our pricing by clicking below.

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