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What does this roadmap mean?

As you will have seen, in the UK we now have a roadmap from the Government for the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions and social distancing measures. You can find more information on the gov.uk site. But what does this roadmap mean for your sports club?

Information in this article is correct at the time of writing.

The lockdown roadmap for sports clubs

The timings vary depending on your sport, but key dates for most clubs are 29th March when outdoor sports can recommence, and 12th April when children’s activities can restart.

It’s important to remember there will be thorough tests and checks throughout this roadmap. Therefore, any decision made about the easing of measures will be led by data – not dates.

The Government has set these current dates with five-week intervals between each stage. This allows them four weeks to analyse the data before enforcing any changes. So before any of the key changes to restrictions, your club will have one week’s notice – which doesn’t leave you with much time.

Therefore it’s best to be clear on what each key date means for you, so you can begin your preparation now.

Roadmap out of lockdown – key dates for your club

8th March

  • Schools will reopen, which also allows for breakfast clubs, after school clubs, and general wraparound childcare to restart. This means if your club usually runs in-school training sessions, you can start offering these again
  • It’s possible that COVID testing will be introduced in secondary schools. Perhaps that’s something your club could think about, too? It would be a good idea to work with your local authority to establish what is possible

29th March

  • This is an exciting date for many clubs, as formally organised outdoor sports can recommence
  • That means outdoor sports facilities, such as tennis and basketball courts, can reopen
  • Also on this date, the rule of six will be reintroduced; allowing up to six people or two households to meet in outdoor settings

12th April

  • By this point, all indoor leisure facilities, such as gyms and swimming pools, can reopen for use of people on their own or with others from their household
  • Whilst adult clubs are not permitted to restart yet, on this date all children’s activities will restart. Therefore children’s sports clubs – whether they operate and practise indoors or outdoors – can restart

17th May

  • Organised indoor sports and exercise classes for adults can reopen on this date, meaning all of your club’s age groups can begin training again
  • In addition, sporting events can reopen their doors to crowds and spectators, with indoor venues allowed to host 1,000 people (or be at half capacity; whichever is lower) and outdoor venues allowed to welcome up to 4,000 people (again, or be at half capacity; whichever is lower)

21st June

  • This is the final milestone of the roadmap, whereby (if all goes to plan) all social contact restrictions are released

The roadmap is brilliant news for grassroots clubs across the country. And hopefully this breakdown has provided some clarity around what each stage means for your club, so that you can start planning.

There is more good news, too, which may ease financial worries at some clubs. It has recently been announced in the 2021 Budget that clubs may be eligible for a grant of up to £18,000. In addition, the furlough scheme is being extended until the end of September. There are slight changes and a gradual easing of government support in the later months – more information about that be found in this BBC news article.

Of course, these dates could change as we approach the review stages. However, at the moment there is a lot to feel hopeful and excited about.

As your club gets ready to return, browse our blog to find out what else you can do to boost revenue in 2021. Our Sponsorship series has lots of practical information to sell your club in to potential sponsors. Or if you employ staff at your club, use this time to create a development plan.

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